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Sarrebrück, District of Europe

The blog has been founded in February 2021 to keep up with friends and colleagues, pour (dé)passer les frontières, continuer de travailler ensemble cross border, between neighbors, creating our Little Europe aux jardins des frontières.

thanks to Felix Geiger for concept and programming, to the authors for texts, illustrations and photographs

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Vies à vies

Christine from Metz encourages us to appreciate the cultural heritage of the neighbors in the Greater Region: L’Europe entsteht in den Grenzregionen de l’Esprit comme la Heimat utopique des contrebandiers d’idées, die ihre Wurzeln an die Luft hängen pour mieux voir la terre! (Martin Graff) [..] weiterlesen

Nous nous refusons au fatalisme

The politician Robert Schuman, "homme de la frontière", wrote his pladoyer "For Europe" after 1945 and published it in 1963 in French. It is time to re-translate and reinterpret the precious text. [..] weiterlesen

Identité retrouvée, zwei Identitäten

The conversation between Hervé and his mother describes the procedure getting a new passport... which sometimes is not so easy, when you are born in a country that does not exist anymore. In this case, it is a small french village, cut in half under German occupation in 1941... [..] Interview

Vom Sinn und Unsinn der Grenzen

Las fronteras existen desde mucho tiempo. Cambian y se desplazan. Antiguas fronteras persisten en nuestras cabezas. El artículo presente se dedica a la pregunta sobre el origen de la palabra frontera y los tipos de frontera. Enfoca fronteras grotescas y la percepción de la frontera durante la crisis del covid. En un análisis crítico nos invita a otra percepción del fenómeno de la frontera : Cela fait longtemps que la notion de « frontière » existe. [..] zum Artikel

On to new shores : Le travail d’un traducteur

Noreen's essay has been translated from German into French by Alexander and into English by Renate. The central message - "ÜberSETZEN ist ÜBERsetzen" - led to further discussions about finding the "best words". It was worth a try... [..] translation, traduction

Post aus Japan

Our Japanese friend Fumie lived many years in Saarbrücken,near the German-French border. Here, she shares her experiences and impressions with us. The "long distance" conversation started when there was no more possibility to travel, neither to neighboring France nor to Japan, due to Covid. The conversation is translated by Fumie's friend Noreen and complemented by a series of photos... [..] conversation

Grimpe sur les étoiles, huck dich uf d’Sterne

Valérie Hendrich received the prize for the cross-border art project "Grenze / Frontière 2021" for the continuing dialogue with her friends. Here, the "Platt", in France known as "regional language", plays an important role: in daily life the German-French border region is multilingual, "the" Platt being an important complement of French and German. [..] zum Gedicht

Zwiegespräch mit Valérie Hendrich entre deux

Valérie Hendrich knows like no other artists to enhance the nuances of the cultural landscape created by borders and exchange in the heart of Europe between Germany and France, Lorraine, Alsace and the Saar... [..] zum Essay