Science Art

The book Hans Joachim Reuter. Luminescent Images. From Endoscopy to Science Art is dedicated to the subject know as Scientific Art. Reuter was a leading figure in the development of endoscopic imaging techniques in the 1960s and a pioneer of Scientific Art  in the 1960s. He created images characterized by a very distinctive aesthetic. The book refers to the area of intersection between science, technology and medicine on the one hand, and art on the other. It documents and classifies these images from a visual arts perspective within a medical and technological historical context. Due to the developments in scientific photography, key aspects of our world have been brought to light which were previously hidden. We have gained access to these areas by new methods of systematic intervention.

“Pictures as they arise in the world of medical technology are presented here through texts and sequences of illustrations. The radiance of the colour spectrums is translated in the papers’ sense of colour and materiality as effectively as the grid compositions are through the arrangement of the inherently strict typography. In all details of design a skillful balanced book, informative and most handsome.” (Uta Schneider (Ed.), The Best German Book Design 2010, Stiftung Buchkunst Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig, 2011)