learning to see

My work as an independent art historian is dedicated to that new ground that becomes visible when there is a perspective change to the seemingly familiar: perceived edges become the center, surfaces gain depth, complexity, density, plasticity and added value.
The object of contemplation comes into focus.

Based in the cultural biotop of the Greater Region of Saarland-Lorraine-Luxemburg-Rhineland-Palatinate-Wallonia, where crossing borders is part of daily life, my publication projects are developed between / beyond languages and disciplines.

While the view from my window still is the same, almost everything in my working context has changed. From the way to approach the Arts and Cultures to other ways of communicating and publishing.

As an answer to these challenges, my website is being transformed into a curated platform, “step-by-step”. It already contains a new section – “View from the window” – and the Blog. Contributions are in different languages, from German and French to … Japanese. You can enjoy resumes in English and lots of snapshots of unknown places.

More features are on the way.

For example a digital reading room (by the end of 2022), offering a place for exchange to scholars, journalists and translators, artists, restorers and crafts(wo)men, photographers, designers and … to create bridges between analogue and digital realities, so-called border regions, neighboring disciplines, theory and practice… specialists and amateurs … people I am working with.

Please, come by once in a while, have a look !

contact: rgftcm(at)g.mail.com