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Sarrebrück, District of Europe

The blog has been founded in February 2021 to keep up with friends and colleagues, pour (dé)passer les frontières, continuer de travailler ensemble cross border, between neighbors, creating our Little Europe aux jardins des frontières.

Thank you for concept and programming, Felix!

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Vorlesen ! Leggere…

Writing that reflects a mélange of culture, history and language differs in content and style from what we are used to. Christine draws this conclusion while reading the new book by Waltraud Mittich, Ein Russe in Kiew (Ed. Laurin, Innsbruck 2022). Trying to write about it, she discovers that reading out loud the text does make much more sense... [..] weiterlesen

Correspondence : Korrespondenz mit Diana

This correspondence is a plead for the broad variety of languages including local dialects, all spoken in the cross border areas between Saar and Moselle to connect people on different levels, e.g. in daily life, but also in matters of a common family and regional European history. [..] weiterlesen

Grenzräume, voies de communication

Selbst das Leben ist an einer Grenze entstanden: an der Erdoberfläche. Worauf es ankommt, ist die Frage, ob die Grenzen durchlässig sind oder nicht : Même la vie a surgi à une frontière. Ce qui est primordial, c’est de savoir si une frontière est perméable ou non. [..] weiterlesen

En passant par … ein Ausflug nach Europa

Let's go and visit one of the places, where you can discover the facets of the industrial culture of the Greater Region, berceau de la CECA, a knowledge built throughout the centuries in a sometimes tumultuous border land, Wiege der Europäischen Gemeinschaft für Kohle und Stahl. [..] weiterlesen

Vies à vies

Christine from Metz encourages us to appreciate the cultural heritage of the neighbors in the Greater Region: L’Europe entsteht in den Grenzregionen de l’Esprit comme la Heimat utopique des contrebandiers d’idées, die ihre Wurzeln an die Luft hängen pour mieux voir la terre! (Martin Graff) [..] weiterlesen

Nous nous refusons au fatalisme

The politician Robert Schuman, "homme des frontières", wrote his pladoyer "For Europe" after 1945 and published it in 1963 in French. It is time to re-translate and reinterpret the precious text. [..] weiterlesen

Identité retrouvée, zwei Identitäten

The conversation between Hervé and his mother describes the procedure getting a new passport... which sometimes is not so easy, when you are born in a country that does not exist anymore. In this case, it is a small french village, cut in half under German occupation in 1941... [..] weiterlesen